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In this policy, O2O informs you in detail about cookies, what type of cookies are used on this site, how they can be disabled in your browser and how you can block third-party cookies.

A cookie is a small file downloaded onto to your device (computer, smartphone, tablet, smart tv, etc.) automatically when you browse the Internet, enabling the webpages you visit to store and recover information about your browser habits or of your device and, depending on the information obtained, which can be used to recognise the user and personalise and improve the service delivered.

Depending on who manages the domain from where the cookies are sent and where the data collected is processed, two types of cookies can be identified: first-party cookies and third-party cookies.

There is also a second classification according to the length of time cookies are stored on the customer’s browser, divided between session cookies or persistent cookies.

Finally, there is another classification divided into five types of cookies depending on the purpose for which the information is obtained:

“Technical cookies”: These cookies enable the user to browse on the webpage, platform or application and use a range of options or services provided there such as controlling data traffic and communication, identifying the session, accessing restricted access parts, remembering elements of an order, carrying out the order purchase process, carrying out the sign-up or event participation request, using security elements during browsing, storing content to broadcast videos or sound or sharing content via social media.

“Personalised cookies”: These cookies enable the user to access the service with some pre-defined general characteristics depending on criteria in the user end-point device such as language, type of browser used to access the service, regional configuration where the service has been accessed, etc.

“Analytics cookies”: These cookies are processed by us or by third-parties, which enable us to quantify the number of users and carry out statistical analysis or measurements of the use that users make of the service delivered. For this purpose, we analyse your browsing of our webpage to improve the range of products or services we offer you.

“Advertising cookies”: These cookies, processed by us or by third-parties, enable us to manage as efficiently as possible the advertising spaces on the webpage, matching the content of the ad with the content of the service requested or to the use made of our site. For this purpose, we analyse your Internet browsing habits, enabling us to show you advertising linked to your browsing profile.

“Behavioural advertising cookies”: These cookies enable the management, as efficiently as possible, of the advertising spaces which, where appropriate, the editor has included in the webpage, application or platform where the service requested is provided. These cookies store information on user behaviour collected through ongoing observation of browsing habits, which enables the development of a specific profile to display relevant advertising.

“Third-party cookies”: Websites may use third-party services which, on behalf of the domain owner, will collect information generally for statistical and analytics purposes.

This website uses cookies with the following purposes:

  • To guarantee the website works properly.
  • To store your user preferences, like the language you have selected or font size.
  • To find out about user browsing experience.
  • To collect statistical information anonymously, such as which webpages you have visited and how long you have stayed on the site.

This website uses Google Analytics, an online analytics service developed by Google which measures and analyses webpage browsing. On your browser you can see 4 cookies from this service. According to the types of cookies mentioned above these are first-party, session and analytics cookies.

Through online analytics, information is collected relating to the number of users that access the website, number of pages seen, frequency and repetition of visits, duration, browser used, the operator providing the service, language, device used or city to which the IP address is assigned. These data enable this portal to provide a better and more relevant service.

For more information about Google Analytics visit:

In any event, O2O is not responsible for the content and veracity of the privacy policies of third-party components included in this site.

In order to browse our website, you need to agree expressly to the use of cookies at the start of each session.

It is possible to stop allowing browser cookies or stop allowing cookies from a specific service. In this respect, you can restrict, block or delete cookies from this webpage from your browser. The process is different on each browser, the ‘Help’ section will help show you how to do this.

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You can manage the storage of cookies on your browser by using the following tools:


Your online choices:

Some functionalities and services can be disabled or behave differently to expected. If you disable the use of cookies on this site you probably won’t be able to access parts of it and it will have a negative impact on your browsing experience.

O2O will modify this Cookies Policy in line with the regulatory changes and to adapt to any recommendations issued by the Spanish Data Protection Agency (Agencia Española de Protección de Datos) and any resolutions on cookies ordered by the Courts of Law in the future.

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