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O2O develops a mobile phone insurance app for Telefónica Seguros, which is based on object recognition and an AI algorithm, offering users a simple, secure insurance solution for their devices.

Telefónica - O2O

Mi Móvil Seguro app

Insure your mobile phone in seconds

The Mi Móvil Seguro app enables users to take out mobile phone insurance after a quick, in situ appraisal. It uses an artificial intelligence tool to detect and learn constantly about the state of the mobile phone and makes an insurance offer that reflects the device assessed.

Moreover, following an omnichannel strategy, users are presented with an agile onboarding process and appraisal and policy hiring continue via web, mobile, or both at any time, thereby accelerating conversion.

By extension, features and digital marketing strategies are integrated in these digital channels via Push notifications, as well as analytics and error management, delivering a unique user experience.

Telefónica - O2O
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