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Sanitas and O2O join forces to provide the best service and value to customers at different centres, working constantly to digitalise services.

Sanitas - O2O

Video-streaming platform for Newborns

Keeping you close at difficult moments

O2O and Sanitas join forces to develop a solution that enables parents of newborns to video-monitor their babies, helping them get through this difficult experience.

O2O has developed a simple web environment with basic features, supported by full security guarantees, which is accessible from any device, where parents can video-monitor their newborn’s progress.

Video cameras have been installed in Intensive Care Units for newborns, which will focus on the infants, enabling customised monitoring.

This environment includes an administrative area, where personnel from the centre connect up the cameras for each baby to parents’ mobile devices.


Sanitas Mayores app

Digital Experience

O2O joins forces with Sanitas to develop the Sanitas Mayores app, which includes relatives in the day-to-day lives of their loved ones, displaying the latest developments in their care schedule at the nursing home. It also works as a 2-way communication channel between relatives and staff at the care home. The app enables users to do the following:

  • Access to the general condition of relative in care: how he/she is eating, any changes in medication, as well as the latest medical reports.
  • Follow prescribed medication dosage.
  • Consult diet the relative in care is following.
  • Communicate directly with the team that takes care of relative.
  • Manage medical records and tests.
  • See the activities organised by the centre and those in which the relative participates.
  • Control current monthly costs and manage bills and receipts.
Sanitas - O2O
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