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Provalliance turns to O2O to digitalise its loyalty clubs for its leading brands, providing customers with an omnichannel, digital experience, generating digital and disruptive brand attributes.

Provalliance - O2O

Jean Louis David

Digital Experience

O2O has developed mobile consulting focused on the digitalisation of the loyalty programme for Jean Louis David hairdressing salons.

The new programme, JLD ADDICT, is available on native iOS and Android apps, the main operating systems used by customers.

As part this project, O2O has integrated PST payment software via BLE and NFC technology.

A product that enables individual salon interaction and management while maintaining the appeal and unity of the Jean Louis David brand.

Franck Provost

Digital Experience

O2O has also digitalised the Franck Provost programme through developing an app for both iOS and Android.

The new programme FP EXCLUSIVE combines powerful and inspirational visual marketing with real-time rewards to increase customer engagement with the brand.

A cutting-edge project with the hairdressing franchise sector.

Provalliance - O2O
Provalliance - O2O

Management panel

Manage all areas of your business

To complement the mobile strategy, O2O has developed for Jean Louis David and Franck Provost salons (owned or franchised), a tool focused on autonomous management of the digital loyalty programme.

The loyalty programme can be consulted independently or as a whole, when a franchisee owns several salons.

A product focused on increasing customer loyalty at the salon thanks to greater interaction and communication.

This includes features such as:

  • Consulting programme KPIs (points, transactions, recurrence, assets, loyalty surveys).
  • Visibility on evolution of category of each member.
  • Managing salon information that appears in the apps.


Get to know and interact with your customers

As an extension of the loyalty club and management panel, O2O has worked with Provalliance on developing a multi-brand CRM development (Jean Louis David, Llongueras and Franck Provost).

A tool to get to know the customer and develop high-impact communication on the business.

CRM provides a single information tool for customers of all their brands, regardless of whether they belong to the loyalty club or not.

CRM enables the following:

  • Categorising customers according to behaviour.
  • Segmenting and automating communication actions.
  • Customising communications with relevant messages and appropriate channels.
  • Obtaining business information in real time.


Provalliance - O2O
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