O2O is the main provider for ONCE to develop mobile and web apps based on accessibility criteria for visually impaired people.


Juegos ONCE

Lottery and prizes on your mobile phone

O2O redesigns and develops the official lottery app (Android and iOS) for Juegos Once.

Based accessibility criteria focused on blind and visually impaired persons, tests and trials were carried out with this user group to guarantee the success of the mobile experience.

It also enables users to consult the winning numbers for all ONCE’s prize draws in real time.

Employee Portal

The accessible app that your employees need

O2O designs and develops Once’s employee intranet through an accessible mobile app.

The app has extensive coverage, which increases productivity and active feedback. Users can carry out processes and consultations in their daily working and personal lives, enjoying the best experience.

Guided by the imperative of a maximum level of accessibility for blind and visually impaired people, we design and develop an app focusing on three key areas: security, online management and digital communication system based on enriched notifications.


Online recruitment

Digitalisation of employee recruitment process

O2O implements an app to register Once employees either joining the organisation, leaving or on leave, encompassing administration staff and salesforce.

The app makes these processes more flexible by taking them online and providing consultation tools for different stakeholders (employees, team leaders, HR, employment inspectors, etc.), as well as biometric technology for accreditation purposes.

Like all Once apps, O2O meets the highest accessibility criteria for blind and visually impaired people, performing tests and trials with this user group to guarantee the success of the mobile experience.

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