McDonald's - O2O


McDonald’s and O2O have joined forces to promote its omnichannel digital strategy and brand loyalty, providing the client with an excellent, customised experience across its digital assets.

McDonald's - O2O

Digital Business Strategy

O2O develops comprehensive digital consulting services for McDonald’s® that place customers at the centre of the business.

With support from O2O, McDonald´s® becomes a people-first company and connects in a customised way with its customers. Together with a content and promotions management team, we monetise and optimise business profits.

We take a holistic approach to omnichannel strategy and digitalisation of services in our business relationship and develop a loyalty programme connected to user preferences, mobile capabilities and designed to gather data and learn from consumer experience.

Native app redesign

The challenge

Creating an exciting and attractive experience for the user, concentrating on offering a customised service and growing the customer base, as well as on user behaviour on the app, while projecting a modern and eye-catching corporate image.

The outcome

Growth in registration data and customer consumption behaviour data needed to take business decisions. Users evaluate improvements in usability and the new image of the app positively.

McDonald's - O2O
McDonald's - O2O

McAuto & Go

Customer acquisition and efficiency, leading to a new consumer experience

A unique, ground-breaking service at McDonald’s and across the world, which implements a pilot initiative, through an alliance between O2O and BBVA, to create a payment method at McDonald’s via image recognition by setting up a controlled pilot project:

  • Acquisition + Efficiency + Loyalty
  • Coordination with IT team, operations and security
Objective 1 Facilitating sales
Objective 2 Measuring consumer satisfaction
Objective 3 Real-time experience
Objective 4 CRM enrichment

Digital activations – Business conversion

Actions that get results

O2O works on digital activations that deliver exclusiveness, temporality and sales conversions through digital initiatives, while creating DESIRABILITY and ASPIRATION and recurrent use.

Occasional activations during lull periods such as July or December with digital initiatives such as 31 Días Locos (31 Crazy Days) or Mes McNífico (McNificent Month), which leverage the capabilities of mobile devices to meet business goals successfully.

McDonald's - O2O

Customised wi-fi

Omnichannel strategy and client acquisition on any channel

In the framework of the brand client acquisition and customisation plan, O2O works on a content customisation plan on one of the main consumer access channels: wi-fi.


Reinventing home delivery

In a market where competition is so fierce (Five Guys, Burger King, Rodilla…) and the price war is no longer a major differential factor, the contribution brand value makes should be anchored by pure value proposition: “FEEL GOOD MOMENTS”.

Through the search for new mobile opportunities, O2O offers end consumers premium services via customised communication strategies.

McDonald's - O2O
McDonald's - O2O

Digital order kiosks

Interaction matters

In collaboration with McDonald’s® Business Insight department and support from franchises, O2O develops comprehensive consulting on order kiosk usability at restaurants, with the aim of solving navigation problems, speeding up order times, avoiding build-up and increasing the average ticket sale and product cross-sell by enhancing user experience.

The study has obtained conclusions aimed at the best traceability of the sales of each restaurant.

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