Línea Directa - O2O

Línea Directa

Línea Directa Aseguradora and O2O have joined forces to transform customer experience in Insurance based on customer-centric, mobile-first and omnichannel strategies.

Línea Directa - O2O

Digital transformation

Seeking new opportunities for mobile devices, O2O connects the brand’s premium services with end consumers via customised communication strategies.

Vivaz Salud

Let mobile be your door to success

O2O has developed a consulting and usability project to position healthcare on the market, providing users with a fully digitalised experience based on digital products: native app and responsive web design.

App and responsive web design allow users to perform medical chart searches of interest, use of digital health card, talk with doctor, request medical appointments, receive reminder or incentive notifications, refunds, authorisations and full management of policy data.

Línea Directa - O2O
Línea Directa - O2O

Vivaz Actividad

Gamification dynamizes your projects.

O2O has developed a usability project with the aim of dynamizing Vivaz Actividad, a hybrid app based on gamification strategy, which measures the steps the user takes.

It can be used by any person interested in keeping fit and well as it promotes healthy lifestyle habits, even if they hold insurance policies with providers other than Vivaz.

The app includes individual and group challenges and can be shared with the user’s contacts.

Digital transformation consultancy

It’s time to embrace the digital world

O2O develops a digital transformation consultancy project for Línea Directa Aseguradora, aimed at strengthening ties between customers and the company in a digital environment, increasing returns by reducing operating costs and optimising communication channels by generating brand attributes relating to innovation and a customised service.

The project consists of the following stages:

  • Overall analysis of the customer journey and points of contact to be optimised in digital assets.
  • Benchmarking innovation solutions comprising brand attributes for Línea Directa Aseguradora’s new digital positioning.
  • New omnichannel, synchronised digital strategy based on four key concepts: mobility, big data, social media and IOT.
  • Defining a backlog and roadmap for projects in the different areas involved and IT department.
Línea Directa - O2O
Línea Directa - O2O

User experience & design

Designs that convert well.

O2O develops an in-depth usability exercise in order to offer the user a simple, attractive product, which promotes Línea Directa Aseguradora’s brand attributes effectively.

The stages of the project are as follows:

  • Functional definition of all projects, as well as agreed features in the digital transformation backlog.
  • Development of flows, wireframes and prototypes for each solution.
  • Design and production for all designs, as well as preparation of the deliverables in coordination with the IT department.
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