Gmp turns to O2O to develop all its digital channels and maximise wellbeing and satisfaction in their spaces.


Digital Experience

Keeping you close at difficult moments

O2O helps Gmp to promote its corporate website by developing a new, enhanced product that follows industry trends in terms of design and services.

  • Corporate website
    Gmp turns to O2O to develop its commercial websites. Usability and strong design join forces to provide brand consistency and presence across digital channels.
  • Castellana 77
    Commercial websites and content managers that enable GMP to commercialise its offices effectively. Developments use responsive web design, which adapt easily to all digital devices. A CMS gives Gmp full independence to manage content on all websites.
  • Las Colinas Golf
    Website project displaying information on the services the brand offers at its golf and residential holiday resort Las Colinas.

Gmp Smart

Smart buildings inside and out

O2O joins forces with Gmp to digitalise its buildings; helping the company to develop an exclusive app for users of their office spaces.

These digitalised services include mobile access to buildings, booking meeting rooms and managing visits and promotions.




Gmp wi-fi

Connected spaces, like we always wanted.

O2O supports Gmp in the process of digitalising its buildings, helping it to install and configure wi-fi networks for workers in Gmp’s spaces, for visitors and in meeting rooms.

Network infrastructure is installed, as well as the access points needed to provide service via a captive portal, specifically developed to register workers and visitors and others for connections from the Meeting Place, as well as a wi-fi ticket management tool.

Talent - O2O

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