Carrefour - O2O


Carrefour and O2O transform customer experience at physical and online supermarkets by offering value services through defining and implementing digital innovation projects.

Carrefour - O2O

Digital Business Strategy

As part of Carrefour’s customer-centric digital strategy, O2O has helped develop customer experience over the customer journey at Carrefour’s stores and supermarkets.

O2O has conceptualised, designed and developed a range of solutions on native or hybrid apps to attract users to physical stores, digitalise the processes of onboarding, shopping and brand loyalty, maximising at all times the synergies between the physical and digital channel.

Supeco and Carrefour Market native app

Make your mobile phone your shopping basket

O2O conceptualises and develops for Carrefour its old m-commerce with a native online supermarket solution for mobile phones, covering more than 4,000 items: Carrefour Supermercado. Developed to adapt to several environments and devices, adding value by enabling customer omnichannel experience.

Moreover, O2O assesses Carrefour on its mobile strategy, focusing on improving user experience, increasing service level, loyalty, recurrence, sales and conversion rates.

Carrefour - O2O
Carrefour - O2O

Mi Carrefour

The shopping experience you were waiting for

O2O digitalises the shopping experience at Carrefour stores by conceptualising and developing native apps capable of connecting users with a world of services and advantages inside and outside the supermarket, thereby strengthening brand loyalty.

Mi Carrefour app enhances the digital experience with features such as:

  • Digitalisation of leaflets at each store.
  • Scanner for product codes to consult information.
  • Creating and editing individual and shared shopping lists.
  • Option of creating lists with voice recognition service.
  • Digitalisation of Carrefour vouchers and discounts.
  • Mobile payment at petrol stations.
  • Paperless: digitalisation of receipts and vouchers.
  • Notifications with information about promotions and offers.
  • Option of queuing at counters virtually.

Carrefour Express

Right to your door without having to get out of bed

O2O develops a native m-ecommerce project aimed at Carrefour Express customers.

The aim of the project is to maintain the customary closeness of a physical store, through the digital channel. For this purpose, the app runs a chat where customers can chat or call their local  shopkeeper if they have any queries. Customers can shop following just a few simple steps using the Carrefour Express app and receive their orders in an hour or collect them from their nearest Express store in 30 minutes.

Carrefour - O2O
Carrefour - O2O

Carrefour Meetings

Making meetings more efficient.

O2O conceptualises and develops an innovative and differential solution for Carrefour that manages meetings and controls access to its office spaces.

Through a responsive platform, Carrefour employees can invite external personnel to different events or meetings that are organised on a daily basis. Guests receive the invitation and digital credentials that provide access to the office space they have been invited to.

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