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Athletic Club

Athletic de Bilbao and O2O have been working as partners for a period of time on the different aspects of digitalising the football club and San Mamés stadium.

Athletic Club - O2O

Athletic Club

Football becomes an increasingly digital experience.

At O2O, we concentrate on delivering adding value to members and fans of the Club through digitalisation.  Boosting loyalty and monetisation are also priorities.

Digital transformation of football clubs, and in sport in general is already a reality, and Athletic Club is taking this step with confidence supported by O2O.

Digital Experience

The mobile app Athleticket we’ve developed for the Club, digitalises membership cards and enables mobile phone access to the stadium.

This app also aims to ensure maximum occupancy of seats at the stadium for each game.  It allows cards can be transferred digitally to other fans if members cannot get to the stadium.  This removes the hassle of having to meet the person beforehand to pass them the membership card whenever they cannot attend the match.  It’s become a quick, simple transfer up to minutes before the match starts, which improves attendance levels.

Multi-card management and transferring card management to another person is also available.

The Club, sponsors and companies that own VIP seating can manage VIP boxes and seats using the app too.

This feature sends out invitations, controls who accepts and occupies each seat.  This optimises management tasks and controls the database, which is important to the Club.

Athletic Club - O2O
Athletic Club - O2O

Athletic Club app

The outcome.

Major cultural change in the way fans access the stadium in Bilbao.  Gradually, most of the over 45,000 Athletic members are using the mobile Athleticket app instead of their physical cards.

This app delivers a series of advantages for Club management by improving access control and updating its database.

O2O is currently working on other stadium digitalisation improvement projects and a new generic app for the Club, which is highly innovative and provides top content for fans.

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